Course Overview

Learn with Logic Pro X.

The beginner music production course is suitable for most people and expertly designed to teach you how to construct your own track starting from making the  Beat up.

You’ll learn all about the critical parts of beginner music theory and production including creating multi-track song structures, drums, melodies, automated effects and of course, a great hook!

On completion of this course, you’ll be confident enough to open the program and start producing your own full-length tracks.

What Will I Learn?

  • Essential understanding of digital audio formats

  • Your chosen program (DAW)

  • About the studio hardware including monitors, sound card and midi keyboards

  • About loops and samples specific to your genre and copyright law

  • How to use audio samples

  • How to use midi instruments

  • How to use samplers

  • How to sequence your drums with audio, midi instruments and samplers

  • How to plan your tracks structure

  • How to create a melody using audio or midi

  • About melodic progression and chord progression generators

  • About harmony and how to produce in a key

  • About gain theory and how to adjust volumes on the mixer

  • How to EQ your tracks to a professional standard

  • How to use basic audio effects and processing

  • Basic midi FX

  • Basic compression skills

  • How to mix-down your track, export and save it

  • How to conduct critical analysis of your productions

  • Reverse engineering

  • How to finish your track to industry standards

  • Advanced tools

  • Advanced theory and techniques needed for the mix

  • How to perfect your instrumentation and track structure

  • How to define your sonic identity and fine-tune your unique signature sound

  • Advanced pre-master technique

  • How to perfect your mix

  • How to find a mastering engineer for your track

  • Tips and tricks on getting record contracts and the legal aspects of being a producer